Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sky Adventure on a 40-storey building! ( Crown Regency Cebu)

Every week, we seem to crave for an adventure. And luckily, there seems to be opportunities to make them happen. Our friend invited us to try the Sky Experience Adventure offered by one of the tallest hotel buildings in Cebu, The Crown Regency.We are very much aware of this urban adventure since we first came in Cebu but we couldn't seem to find the right time and the right people until this day.  We went to the Crown Regency at 8 P.M. and waited for some of our other friends who were also invited to join the night's adventure. While waiting, I can't quite put it if I was excited or nervous. I was still not sure of how I felt about heights at that time. Soon our friends started arriving.

Allow me to introduce you to our friends will be joining us, Kono (in red) and Joana (in green, right next to Kono). You'll meet some of our other friends soon.  I'm sure your're very familiar with the first three from the left, as they've made appearances in almost all of our previous posts.

On their sky lounge, there is a portion where you can see a mini zoo. We saw a lion, a tiger and a python.  One of the trainers told us that they also have a parrot but it was not there at that time. It was so weird seeing those animals in an unlikely place but they seemed to very tamed by their trainers. 

Sleep lion..

Meet Beth, the girl not the lion ! 

After our encounter with the animals, we started moving to the floor where the sky experience is held. There were many tourist that night so we had to wait our turn. While waiting, we had to wear jumpsuits and a helmet. The zip line was first on our list. I believe it is the first urban zip line in the world where we'll cross two tall buildings only with the use of straps and cables. But of course, our safety came first so the staff made sure each one of us were buckled tightly in our harnesses before we hanged on for our dear lives.

Zip line Extreme Cebu
Oh Good, the new faces are grouped together ! Guys, meet Vince (the guy from the very left), Chris (right the girl  right next to Vince) and Phen (the only girl wearing glasses)

Zip line Extreme Cebu

Zip line Extreme Cebu

Zip line Extreme Cebu

Zip line Extreme Cebu
I had a good view of how 473 ft above the ground looks like.

Zip line Extreme Cebu
This was taken on our way back.

The extreme zip line was one of the most exhilarating activity we ever did in our lives! A little scary at first but once you get the "hang" of it, you'll be asking for more. You can actually do the Superman or the Spiderman pose  if you like rather than just hanging normally like we did.

After everyone was done with the zip line, we moved on to our next agenda which was the wall climbing. This was different from all our other wall climbing experience because this time the wall was placed on top a tall building.  Before climbing the wall, the staff had all of us stretched first.



Once all the stretching madness were done, we were ready to try and reach the top of the wall. Each one of us had the chance to climb and I was fully aware that I'm going to make another fool of myself. Wall climbing isn't exactly my forte, in short, I sucked at it. It was a good thing some of my friends also share the same sentiments. Only two among the group got to the top, first was Kono, our Japanese friend and Jed ( a.k.a Cirrus). One thing they have in common is that they follow instructions very well. That was what got them to the top, both of them listened very well to the staff's instructions.

our failed attempts in wall climbing

Congrats! You've reached the top!

Congrats Kono!

Lastly, we did the highlight for this evening's adventure, the famous extreme sky walk. It is actually the first and only sky walk in the country. It took us 15 mins. to go around the building without any handrails. It was very thrilling! Our friend Phen (the one with the glasses on) actually had a fear of heights but through the sky walk, she has finally conquered it.

Our Skywalk experience would not be as enjoyable as it was without our energetic guide. Unfortunately we don't have her in our photos. We'd like to give her credit though for keeping us engaged. She's very good in doing one thing as a guide, but you would have to try the Skywalk to know what that is. But let me warn you, "Never try this with a full bladder!!!"

Listening carefully to the instructions..

Skywalk Cebu
a so-called Wacky pose! haha not as wacky when taken hundreds of feet above the ground !

Skywalk Cebu
Arrange yourself according to skin color !!!

Skywalk Cebu

Skywalk Cebu

Skywalk Cebu

Skywalk Cebu

That wrapped up our Extreme Sky Adventure, we were no longer able to try the Edge Coaster since it was almost closing time. We will get back to that on our next visit as well as their 4D movie experience. It was an awesome night overall.

This urban experience will get your knees trembling with fear and excitement, but when you've conquered everything, you get to keep a proud ego, knowing that you've overcome what millions of people, fear the most. 'Till next time!

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  1. Whose bright idea was it to keep lions and tigers in a high-rise?