Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kitty & Tea! ( BubblePop )

I can already feel the summer heat! It seems like every summer season is getting warmer and warmer every year. We live in a tropical country so technically, we only have two seasons: rainy and sunny season. But during summer months which starts from the month of March to May, the heat may sometimes become a little extreme. So aside from dipping in a pool or going to the beach, the best way to cool off the heat is to drink some refreshment. We came across a new adorable establishment named BubblePop Tea and Desserts in Dumaguete.  I just couldn't resist the charm of the place that's why I decided to feature them in our post.

BubblePop Tea and Dessets
This is the facade of the shop. The pink pastel paint really caught my attention.
We went there to get some afternoon snacks and refreshment. They have a great selection of milk teas which  is a very popular drink these days and healthy too. There are a lot of tea shops in Cebu but so far it's the only tea-oriented shop in Dumaguete City that I'm aware of. They also serve desserts and other snacks.

Milk tea
Honeydew milk tea (left) and Taro milk tea (right)

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty plate! >.<

That's me enjoying their milk tea and fries. :))

He's trying to get all the popping mango boba! haha

We ordered their Honeydew and Taro milk tea with popping mango boba along with sour cream fries and brownies with ice cream on top which they called "Sweet Escape". It tasted really good. But aside from their teas and desserts, what I really like about BubblePop shop is the shop itself. It's so pink and girly. And they adorned the place with Hello Kitty accessories which is my favorite Sanrio character ever since childhood. I'm sure the owner is also a huge fan of Hello Kitty so seeing such concept integrated in a shop really delighted me. It's the closest I can get to a Hello Kitty Cafe in our beloved Dumzville.

I like kuya's pink apron. So cute!

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty by the window.. The basket is so cute!

Hello Kitty
More Hello Kitty on the counter.. ^^,

Hello Kitty

They also sell accessories.

Hello Kitty

Pink sign

Ice cold milk tea is already a perfect summer offering but adding it up with a cutely designed shop makes it even perfect for the season. So if you happen to drop by the city, don't forget try out BubblePop's milk teas and desserts. They are located along Perdices Street near Silliman University. ;)

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