Monday, February 18, 2013

Coconuts and Bananas! (Mactan Island)

Our weekend adventure this time is a little bit closer to the heart of Cebu. Only a few kilometers away and still part of the Cebu province. The beaches are great so you can count on a number of resorts in the island. Yes, it's Mactan Island where the first Filipino hero Lapu-Lapu once reigned. The island was famous for the epic battle that once transpired there a long long time ago, wherein an also famous Portuguese explorer was defeated along with other Spanish soldiers.

Pado resort
Pado Resort!!! Entrance =P100

Enough about the short history lesson, let's get right back to business.So there was another opportunity for the gang to visit the island. Jed's teammates were going there for some group outing. He invited us and we agreed to tag along. We weren't staying for the night because, we can go home right away if we like to.  They had the outing planned in Pado Resort. The resort was alright, nothing fancy if that's what you expect. It was a bit secluded so you can get enough privacy. The place was more suited for diving, jet skiing, etc. Once there, we saw a lot of Korean tourists on a diving lesson with a couple of diver staffs from the resort. Although, it was so inviting to join them, we didn't because that was not what we came there for.

Pado resort

In this outing, we also brought a another close friend of ours who was only visiting for a job training. He is very well known as Ramz  and we were glad that to have him in spite of his busy schedule. Right Ramz?

Say hi to Ramz!

That's us figuring out what to do first on that beautiful day.

We wasted no time and soon enough we were on our snorkeling gears. It was our first time to do this kind of things with the exception of Jed,who did this during his trip to Malapascua island and Ramz,who basically had the sea for a backyard in his hometown in Neg. Or. It was a good thing that we have along good swimmers because Azi and I aren't exactly the best swimmers out there.

Life jackets to save us from drowning since Azi and I aren't too confident with the water especially  with the current.

Snorkeling Set with Life Jacket Rent = P200

Eager much?

It wasn't the best snorkeling spot either but being first timers, we were very excited when we saw a school of fish and a huge starfish. There was also a mild panic when Azi swore she spotted a jellyfish. Don't worry, nobody got stung or hurt in any way. We were not expecting an underwater paradise but this was a good start, we were saving one of the best diving and snorkeling spots on our April trip to Apo Island. We're looking forward to that and hopefully by then somebody would have purchase an underwater camera.

Lunch was served soon, thanks to Jed's workmates. The "kinilaw" was really good! So after brunch, we were off to our next activity there, which was the highlight of the day. We were to ride the banana boat! Hurray! Why so excited you ask? Again, this was our first time to indulge in this water sledding activity. Here are some "Before Banana Boat Ride" photos:

Pado resort
A fail attempt for a group shot.. tsk. Only Jed was on cue. Haha

Heading towards the Banana

Kuya giving us instructions in case the Banana will tumble: just let go!

Ready and  uncertain to what awaits during the ride... only hoping no one would fall from the Banana.

No photos were taken during the ride but I do hope maybe next time we can take some snapshots if it's not too dangerous. Well, now that I think of it, it would to take a lot of guts to get a self capture during the ride. We were sledding so fast, I thought the banana would tumble over. Thank God it didn't. We were shouting until we decided it was foolish to shout throughout the ride. The thrill was amazing and as we got far from the shore the waves got a little bigger so it was sort of a bumpy ride. We also saw other resorts alongside the beach including the famous Plantation Bay Resort. It was the most exhilarating 30-min ride I had.. ever. I bet it was the same for my friends too. Check out our "After Banana Boat Ride" pics:

By the way, Jed fell off during the ride.  We forgot to go get him back! 

Kidding!! Jed's actually the one taking the pictures. Or is he? Hahaha. Those are some of his workmates.

Azi wanting more Banana! Banana ride was P300/person.

Next on the agenda: Jet skiing!

Well.. more of Jet ski posing.. still too expensive for pocket.

After the banana boat ride, we went to explore the resort a bit. We found out that there were sharks in the perimeter, baby sharks for that matter. But still, seriously, SHARKS?!? Hey, we were snorkeling the beach awhile ago, those creatures aren't exactly hard to miss. But there was no need to fret. The baby sharks were actually enclosed in a lagoon in the resort so it was very safe. I'm not sure whether they are the killer ones. We failed to ask what type of shark they were. I wonder what they'll do to them once they got bigger. We only saw three of them at first but when we tossed food, the other two joined the feast.

Hello Babies! Baby Shark tat..da..ta..ra...ra

My favorite part of the resort was the boardwalk. I have a thing for boardwalks so when we discovered that they had one, I was so happy. It was located at the resort's bar and resto. We had to take loads of pictures there.

Hello coconut tree!

Mactan Island

Hangul on stairs.. I wonder what it means. Gosh, I need to get back in learning Korean.

The bar and resto.. and Ramz..

The beautiful boardwalk!! >.<


Can someone translate please?..  I have a hunch it means -- no jumping from here.

Let's emote!

There's a bridge here but it destroyed. Currently under construction.


The  few hours we had at the resort soon ended. Ramz still had to go to a birthday party. It was a short day trip to Mactan Island but one very memorable. It wasn't as exhausting as our previous trip. Half an  hour later, we were back at our pad. So if you're thinking of mini getaway from the hustle and bustle of Cebu City, the closest to sand and sun you can get is Mactan Island, a place where you can choose from a number of resorts. If you're from Luzon or from out of the country, this island is where you can also find Mactan International Airport so it's quite convenient for tourists. So look no further, visit Mactan Island now and have fun.

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  1. nice! i wish i could visit this place one of these days. great pics, btw =)

    1. thank you.. if you have time then you must.. ;)

  2. Thanks te chocs for reading..and giving comment..hehe