Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lamps and Benches (Dumaguete City Rizal Boulevard)

I remember when I was in high school, there was an international band who sang about a boulevard of broken dreams. The boulevard I know from my hometown is far from what they described. On the contrary, it radiates hope, as it welcomes the sunrise and provides comfort to those who find solace in its long stretched shore. 

The Dumaguete City boulevard or also known as the Rizal boulevard has been a landmark in the city of gentle people. It was named after the national hero Jose Rizal, who was said to have walked on the shores on one of his visits to the city right after his years of exile in Dapitan. 

Aside from the fresh breeze the boulevard offers a great view of the eastern horizon which made it a perfect picnic place for families and friends during a sunny weekend. I have my own memories carved under the shade of the century-old Acacia trees, and the bricks that lined the old sea wall. This was my favorite place when I was young. This is where my grandfather used to walk me through the shore during low tides as I try hard to chase the tiny crabs before they hide inside the holes they burred in the sand.  Today, the Rizal boulevard still provides a place for families to bond, friends to grow closer, and lovers to fall in deeper admiration with each other. 

In the morning, as the young sun casts a magical glow on the trees and grass, the boulevard slowly fills with people from different walks of life, of different age and culture, as they jog, walk, or do a little stretching while enjoying the amazing view in the east. On some occasions, a group of young men and women would gather together dressed in karategi uniforms as they showcase their amazing skills in martial arts. 

There used to be a lot of Calesa available for city tours, but their numbers decreased through time. You can still find a few of them but I wasn't lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them today.

One of the locals doing his warm up before the jog !
A long stretch adorned with beautiful street lamps, benches, trees, and grass added with a magnificent view of the calm sea, makes a perfect setting for romance. What I love about this place is it embodies the feeling of happiness and  that factor that makes you remember or long for someone close to you, be it a family, friend, or lover. I think Dumaguete city can provide you that same feel you get in Venice or Paris, only with a little more warmth and with a Filipino touch.

Who wouldn't fall in love in a place like this? 

I was so touched by  this old couple watching the skies as the sun begins to set.  I find the whole picture symbolic.  It tells me that even in old age, in the sunset of our lives, and even if the flowers don't bloom anymore, we can still face the east and admire what has been and look forward to what is ahead. The sun may set, the leaves may fall, the skin may wrinkle, but for two hearts truly in love with each other, the beat just gets stronger with time.

If you don't have a hand to hold while walking along the boulevard, don't worry. It's easy to find a friend here, but remember, timing is key. Observe...

(5:22 pm)

(5:23 pm)
see what I mean ? 
But as I have said, Timing is key !

The boulevard isn't only a place for family and lovers. As I have said earlier, it's also fun to bring your friends on a walk and enjoy the breeze or sit on the benches or on the grass and watch beautiful people pass by (hehe c: ). If your friends are the type who goes for a food trip, you wouldn't be sorry here because aside from the vendors selling sweet corn and peanuts, you can also eat tempura and other street foods here. If you're the classy type, then you're free to enjoy the wide choices of cafe's and restaurants nearby. 

Whether your with your girls or with your boys, or alone, there's no fee for enjoying the view.

Quality fun on a budget ! only at the Rizal Boulevard

Let me post this pic as a memorial for the tree that used to be there. It  gave up when super typhoon  "Pablo" hit Dumaguete city in 2012. Poor tree :c

 So that's it guys! They say anyone who sets foot on the boulevard always finds and discovers something new. What will you find this time? Well, its for you to find out. 

Keep posted for more features on Dumaguete city !